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Horizontal Hull For Pk Atx

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Корпус Desktop Micro ATX
General parameters

Actual product model declared by the manufacturer. It includes the name of the mark, the series, the articulus, has a certain set of characteristics.

AeroCool V2X Red Edition

The main color of the product. Two or more colours do not indicate the option of choice but indicate all colours present in the product.


The colour of the front panel and the stakes is most commonly different from the main colour. It favours individual components and gives a special style to the device.

red, black
Factor and dimensions

The default primarily defines the internal volume of the shell and the characteristics of the installation. To date, the PK hull has been produced in such basic de facto forms: - Full Tower♪ Vertical mounting unit, the largest PC form to date: 15-20 cm width, 50-60 cm height, number of compartments with external access can reach 10. Most often in this form, advanced domestic and high-productivity PCs are performed. All towers are designed to be installed on the floor and are quite low for desk locations. - Midi Tower. Representation of the family tower (a vertical shell) of a medium size - about 45 cm high at a width of 15 - 20 cm, with the number of external compartments between 2 and 4. Most popular for middle-class domestic PCs. - Mini Tower. The most compact " vertical " type of shell, with a width of 15-20 cm, has a height of about 35 cm and (usually) not more than 2 compartments with external access. It is mainly used to collect office PCs that do not require high productivity. - Desktop. A horizontal unit, usually medium size (some 17-20 cm high and 40-50 cm wide and deep) under ATX maternity charges (see Maternal Wage Type). Unlike tower, it's usually for the table, not the floor. Most often HTPC is performed in this de facto form (for details see " Towards " ). - Mini-ITX. One of the most miniature de facto forms in the modern hulls for SC is designed to use a uniform format with maternal fees. Such fees have a standard size of 170x170 and are optimized for use in systems where compactity is key, in particular in HTPC (see " Towards " ). At the same time, such systems are not highly productive.

Micro-ATX. ♪ ♪

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