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Pc cap: more than just a box

Корпуса для компьютеров

Among the computer users in Ukraine, there is a fair view that the collection of the computer by its own hands should focus on its internal completeness: video map, memory, food block, processor etc.

And only by choosing all of this, the balance of the budget can be seen in the PK hull, the easier the better. In fact, such an approach is fundamentally wrong. The shell is not just a box for kits, but a very important element of the design of the PK on which its reliability, stability and even safety depend.

By saving the hull, you're risking overheating CPU, unpleasant gary smell, or mourning wires. Okay, let's get a little more detailed on the selection of the PK corps.

Before we go shopping

Before you start studying the hull characteristics and feedback, think about what plans you have for the PC. Okay, by buying a 400-500-Watt power cell, you can set up one-two hard drives and one video card for 25-26 cm. Really, you can save a place under three HDDs if you buy an 18-20 centimeter video.

Basic hull parameters

When buying a computer hull, its characteristics such as:

  1. hull standard;
  2. Cooling system;
  3. material.

Shell standard

With all the variety of sales hulls, it is possible to classify them by size:

  • Mini-ITX is not more than 170*170 mm for payment;
  • Micro-ATX - combined with a fee of 244*225 mm;
  • ATX - 305*244 mm;
  • EATX is compatible with the fee to 305*330 mm;
  • XL-ATX is the largest 345*262 mm option.

The first two varieties will fit for the usual office PC. With ATS, you can collect a more powerful and productive computer. EATX and XL-ATX are even suited to play PC.

Cooling system

It's not the number of fans, it's the size of their scapegoats and the right location. By disconnecting them, make sure that the scapegoat is big and the air streams are not overwhelmed or compromised.


Two types of material would be the best: either aluminium or coated with a galvanic zinc solution of SECC steel. The main thing is that the wall thickness was not less than 0, 5 mm.

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