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Horizontal Systems Blocks

Computer system unit

Системный блок компьютераThe computer system block is a hull containing the main functional components of a personal computer. Shells are usually built from steel, aluminium and plastic parts, and sometimes such materials as wood or organic glass are used. The computer system block contains a mother ' s fee with its processor, PPE, expansion maps (video-adapter, audible map) for the reservoirs - hard drives, CD-ROM disk guides and power blocks.

(desktop, horizontal)

  • Slim-Desktop 1-2 of compartment 5.25, height up to 120 mm;
  • Full-Desktop 2 and more compartments 5.25, height above 120 mm.

Towers (tower, vertical)

  • Micro-Tower has 1 compartment 5.25;
  • Mini-Tower 2 compartment 5.25;
  • Midi-Tower 3-4 of compartment 5.25;
  • Full-Tower 4-8 compartments 5.25;
  • Super-Tower 9 and more compartments 5.25.

Computer system blocks

The default is the standard defining the size of the maternal fee, the location of the components and the type of diet. System block The computer may have different appearances. Most shells are divided in shape into several major classes: Desk Top, Baby, Mini Tower, Middle Tower, Full Tower, Slim, Multimedia. This variety of corpses gives you a problem of choice. Desk Top and Baby have a horizontal performance. The first IBM PC computer models were produced in the Desk Top. The hull was designed for large-scale system charges and is now virtually non-existent. The main inconvenience of the Desk Top Corps is that it occupies too much space on the working table and has few positions on the face panel to accommodate additional devices.

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