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Horizontal Hull

Computer caps

Настольный компьютер основного

The PK Corps is not just an external lining of a personal computer that closes the external viewpoints to the propulsion system, but a complete set, retracting style and is responsible for many of the system ' s parameters. Among the diversity of production Computer casings it is important to know the main points to be addressed.

The most important characteristic of the computer block is its de facto form. The most compact hulls are produced in the type-produced Mini-ITX and are prepared to carry a minimum possible fix, often equipped with built-in feeding units. More recently, Micro-ATX forms can be found in both classical and ultratonic performances, which are also most often supplied with a fixed power unit, as it is rather problematic to find a suitable individual. By collecting such systems blocks, it should be noted that they produce special maternity charges and that the other sets are better selected in Slim performance for the better organization of space within the shell. The most popular form of SC Corps is ATX. In this category, it is possible to find a body that meets all the wishes, starting from an external type, to end up with slots under a set and extended set of communication interfaces on the face panel. The ATX Corps Prizes can be characterized by universality, since most of the kits, from the mother ' s fee to graphic adapters with incredible cooling systems, are designed to fit them. The most relevant are EATX and XL-ATX Corps, often used to set up a work station or a job machine with demanding programmes.

The following important features of the computer hull are the material from which it is made, the ergonomic of the interior space, the positioning and heating of the ventilation holes. The material is very simple - aluminium shells solid and steel, steel shells are universal, they are better selected with a thickness of more than 0.5 mm, because if it is smaller, the noise and vibration of the desktopus are guaranteed. The quality ventilation of the system unit is essential for the stable and durable operation of the personal computer, so the air circulation openings on the front and side walls of the hull can be considered mandatory.

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