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Large Computer Hull Name

1.2. information-processing equipment

Удивительный корпус для

Personal computers are produced in the following designs: fixed (post) and portable. The most common are desktop PCs, which can easily change configurations.

We'll see the IBM, a compatible desktop computer. The composition of the PC has been called configuration. Since modern computers have a blunt-modular design, the necessary hardware configuration can be implemented from ready-to-use units and units (modules) manufactured by different manufacturers.

The compatibility of devices is a fundamental principle of open architecture proposed by IBM. This has led to mass production of both individual nodes and computers.

The basic configuration includes devices without which modern PC cannot operate:

  • System unit;
  • The keyboard that ensures the entry of information into the computer;
  • A mouse manipulator facilitating computer entry;
  • A monitor designed to display text and graphical information.

System block

In the personal computers produced in the portable version, the system block, the monitor and the keyboard are combined into one hull.

The system block is a metal box with a removable lid containing various computer devices.

The shape of the shell is:

  • Desktop - flat hulls (horizontal location), usually located on the table and used as a monitor
  • Tower is usually located on the floor.

The shells differ in sizes given by Super, Big, Midi, Micro, Tiny, Flex, Mini, Slim dimensions of shells♪ The front wall of the shell contains the "Power " buttons, " Reset " , " Reset " , " Reset " , " Reset " , " Reset " , " Reset " , " Reset " and " PC " feeding " .

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