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Computer Mini Atx

Part 1: Shell-h

по сути самодельного в

Refining or transfusion of different peripherys is my long-term fascination, you can say hobby, and just a good way to distract from basic work. A couple of these jobs I've already described on our website:

The project that goes on now has been set up for a long time since I had a wish. Make your body♪ There have been many ideas and issues that need to be addressed in practice during this time. Only finding time and distorting all thoughts, putting them into one whole and getting a complete project was always a difficult task. As usual, there's a lack of a last push.

Until now, I haven't had to work on the computer building. At first glance, there's nothing complicated about this: carcas, guides, a few baskets, a hang... a word, it's simple. But one thing is to copy a simple design or a specific sample, and another is to offer something to do with the limitations of existing models.

A computer kit can be packed in anything, even in a cardboard box, even if it's self-sustained. That was not a great deal of difficulty, but it was more of a variant on the topic " Endured and boring " . It's important to get the iron set right, and then to address local issues related to the setting and decoration of the volume chosen. To think about every little thing in these projects doesn't make much sense, and the most important thing is different. Sometimes, after everything's over, it's working really well and enjoying its eyes, you know that to replace, say, a memory plan or a processor will have to sort everything out. I mean, it's hard work, it's simulated, and external attractiveness has to be paid in one way or another. It is unusual, not the flexibility of such work, that attracts general attention.

I wanted to combine the unusuality and functionality. To make a small, compact and convenient body with rapid and simple access to the inside, and to collect a working system based on the Mini-ITX system, using only serial and accessible components. It would therefore be logical to divide the story into two parts: the shell and its filling. In this material, I'll tell you how and how to make a compact corps. I'll show you the phased designs of the project and his pictures. And in the next article, I'm gonna stop on the selection of the kits, like, why I've been modernizing them, and I'm gonna try to identify the test results.

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