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Visual Gigabyte Computer

Review of gigabyte brix gaming gb-bxi5g-760: almost pocketbook

Ещё немного, и игровой компьютер можно будет убрать в клатч. Gigabyte, постарайся!In our review of Brix Pro, we said that a system in which the Intel Core i7-4770R graphic HD Graphics 5200 was then used might well be a platform for the Steam machine game. And then it seemed quite convincing. Now, such a scenario of the use of Brix Pro doesn't even want to be remembered because BRIX Gaming GB-BXi5G-760 is a computer that is more suitable for modern games. In it, Gigabyte withdrew from the use of the processor graphic nucleus and merged the central processor Core i5 with a full disk-crete NVIDIA GeForce. Gigabyte engineers were able to leave the intact dimensions of BRIX. Although it seems unbelievable, but the BRIX Gaming system that we've got, in fact, preserved the usual UCFF-form de facto with less litre, which means that it can well claim leadership in its super-light weight category.

? What compromises have to be made? And if you close your eyes on miniature, will BRIX Gaming GB-BXi5G-760 be able to shake off the middle-level gambling? That's what we'll talk about in this review.


The name BRIX Gaming GB-BXi5G-760 gives a very transparent indication of the installation of this computer. She's got a cubic look on her, which is in contrast black green gamma. There can be no doubt: a discontinuous GeForce GTX 760 is responsible for high performance in the system under review, and the Intel Core i5 processor is the foundation of the system.

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