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Note hp elitebook 840 g3

An unbelievably thin and light HP EliteBook 840 laptop ensures corporate productivity. It's a great decision to make, communicate and work together both inside and outside the office. An ideal solution for mobile work, which ensures maximum reliability, high productivity and strong working methods with a time schedule in managed IT environments compared to other devices in their class.
  • Windows LOs 10 Professional and other operating systems
  • Mobile power

    The Windows 10 Pro CoreTM 6th generation processor and the PCIe Gen3 solid reservoir ensures high productivity with low energy consumption. Support to 32 DDR4 memory and the possibility of using two types of storage systems ensure the productivity required for resource-intensive business applications and rapid access to data.

    Skin hull with all the necessary units

    laptop There's all the necessary pieces, so you don't have to worry about the transitions anymore. The Ultraton and Light HP EliteBook 840 thickness of only 18, 9 mm has VGA, DisplayPort, RJ-45, USB, USB-CTM, and supports the connection of the docks.

    Safety both inside and outside

    HP decisions will protect you safely not only from harmful programmes, but also from external eyes. Decision HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection will protect BIOS from attack, and the additional HP Sure View screen will ensure that the dispensaries from the outside eye are protected by one button.

    Established for joint work

    Forget stationary phones: HP EliteBook 840 with the Bang Olufsen audio system and HP Noise Reduction software ensures sound quality for applications such as Skype for business.


    You've got nothing to do with it.

  • A powerful HP EliteBook 840 laptop, run by Windows 10 Pro in an elegant thin hull, will be the perfect assistant for important tasks.
  • Now no one's gonna put a nose in your business.

  • The HP Sure View optical shield with the 3M privatized information technology allows instantaneous concealment of information on your display from the outside eye. Just one of the buttons, the screen becomes dark for those who look at it from the angle, while you keep working.
  • Automatic recovery protection

  • HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection controls BIOS every 15 minutes, detects attacks and injuries, and automatically recovers when necessary.
  • Let your fingers rest.

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