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Small Computer Hull With Video Card

Play computer in the de facto mini-itx

Close apartments, small computer tables... There's not always room for a large body. If even in the case of the de facto mini-ITX, a decent play system can be installed. As an experiment, I collected a Geimer PC in the mini-ITX building on the novel of this summer, a SAPPHIRE video map R9 380 ITX Compact. To date, it is one of the most powerful graphic adapters of mini-ITX type. I thought I'd share some experience with everyone who'd be interested in the subject.

What is ITX?
ITX developed at the beginning of a zero company VIA Technologies, presenting new mammal fees with built-in processors. They were markedly smaller than micro-ATX (21x19 cm versus 24x24 cm). The computer-assisted additive industries have tasted this improvisation and a new standard has soon been introduced by approved variations: mini-ITX, pico-ITX and mobile-ITX.
Basic ITX was never popular, but a reduced mini-ITX fired literally, and all compact computer malls are released in this type. With modest dimensions (17x17 cm) the fee shall repeat the position of the ports and the interfaces of ATX, which means that such charges can be installed in any modern computer unit. However, it is better for such a baby to choose the appropriate size.

There are many hulls that, at the height and width corresponding to mini-ITX, have the depth of the normal hull. But I tried to get the most compact model in all three dimensions. The sample fell on the Lian Li Mini-Q PC-Q21 hull, which interferes with a system fee of not more than 17x17 cm. And even the video card is limited to the same length. The shell has a minimum seating position: 149x257x224 mm can be shown by one hand, moving fingers! At the same time, PC-Q21 has a maternity fee, a graphic adapter, a processor kernel up to 60 mm and two 3.5-inch hard drives (or three SSD).
SFX feeding units are better used for compact systems. Given that I was collecting a production system, not a video player under the Multifilm, Zalman ZM450-FX was selected as an adapter for 450 watts. He got up in Lian Li PC-Q21, taking all the space left after the PK assembly.

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