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Maudder assembled a computer masterpiece by dedicating it to known skyscreams of the world

The user of Reddit, under guitarhero23, collected a desk computer in a month, manually creating a water cooling and lighting design building for him. He was documenting his work on YouTube and Imgur, and finished it only in mid-May, publishing a detailed photo report.


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As the computer builder explained on the PCPartPicker website, he wanted to make it compact to ride with him on the LAN: that's how the slang calls the gic-yish meetings they play games or share local network data. Judging by the guitarhero23 images, he's driving on the road two-way Subaru.

According to the designer, he wanted the design of the future computer to be as clean as possible, and his device allowed for the addition of some author ' s bars. Ultimately, " tower " can be viewed on either side by windows in the hull and under light, and the name " White Metropolis " has been derived from the famous skirts inspired by guitarhero23.

The name " White Metropolis " appeared because I was trying to come up with a non-binding name that would gamble the body's color, but I didn't want to include it in design. Things have changed when I inspired by big cities around the world, such as Hong Kong in China, Bangkok in Thailand and Jakarta in Indonesia.


The design of the White Metropolis was a manual approach to the assembly of components, the design of individual parts under the common colour gamma and the use of the air and water cooling system of its own manufacture. In addition, guitarhero23 took operational memory plates with a special deductive refrigeration system for even faster operation, and the water pump detail was manufactured from the plexiglas and was polished manually.

Selected design features are skyscrapers, logos, writings and special nests for individual parts - guitarhero23 cut through lobster or laser.

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