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Microlab Computer

Overview of microlab shells

It is surprising that a new recruit who buys a computer for the first time has no intention of choosing a corps. The decision is already in the store, not without the help of the seller, who often just wants to sleep the goods that have been delivered. Only after a while, a man understands that the corps is the same important element of the computer as the processor and needs to be carefully selected. Simple example: AMD high-frequency processor plus insufficient hull volume, plus poor ventilation, plus hot summers give a self-discharge of the computer at best.

The Corps, like everything else, requires a choice not to run, but to be careful. But that doesn't mean you need to pick up a hundred extra bucks for yourself. On the average price range, you're expecting a choice that your eyes break. And among this diversity, quality must be chosen only. It's the title of such hulls that claim to be known to all its excellent computer acoustic of Microlab.

We have almost all the line on Microlab shells: M4101, M4102, M4103, M4108, M4310, M4311, M4312. As you may have already guessed, the representatives of the two M41x and M43x series with significant common features inside each series.

Good meeting

М41ххYeah. As soon as the seven healthy boxes in my house were built at BigTower in one of the free corners, the mood fell a little bit. Having been sitting five minutes and having been mentally happy for not having the whole Microlab line, I've started the autopsy.

All the shells, as they were supposed to, were packed in polyethylene and foam. I started thinking about the hull aesthetics and concluded that Microlab designers clearly have taste and fantasy. All corpses have very different front panels, different from each other. Some of the boxes are kept in quite tight tones, and others have fun pitching elements. Such a choice would satisfy almost every buyer.

A cord with all the shells shall be supplied with a cord for Catering and a little polyethylene bag with a set of fortresses.

The common thing for all Microlab shells is that two USB ports, as well as audio and audio passages, are located on their front panels. Well, for modern hulls, it's not surprising, of course, so it should be taken as a fact itself reasonable for any decent producer.

М41хх М41хх М41хх М41хх

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