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800W Pc Food Block

Aerocool updated the series of feeding units vx, kcas and kcas m

AeroCool VX-800AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT), one of the world ' s leading producers of hulls, power blocks, accessories and computer peripheries announced the addition of computer blocks to new power models.

A series of low-cost VX and KCAS production devices received versions of 800 W (VX-800 and KCAS 800W) and a series of modular BP KCAS M obtained a model with an impressive 1200 W (KCAS-1200M).

The AeroCool VX feeding units are a set of qualitative components while maintaining low cost. This series is good for house or office PC at average price. Previously, a model of 350 to 750 W was proposed for the buyer ' s choice, and a " advanced " version of 800 Wt was added to it, which would be guaranteed to handle the supply of good Heimer PK with two top videotapes.

AeroCool KCAS 800WVX-800 is still compatible with modern C6/C7 energy conservation regimes, its components are cooled by a 120-mm fan with its own low noise emission control system, not exceeding 19 dB at medium load.

The AeroCool KCAS series, supplemented by KCAS 800W of 800 W, also includes models of 400, 500, 600 and 700 W. AeroCool KCAS blocks are an advanced super-tock protection system, overloads, overloads and short circuits. The KCAS devices are an excellent solution for houses with unstable electricity supply, where computers need enhanced protection when additional protective equipment cannot be acquired.

AeroCool KCAS 800W provides cables for four PCIEs, seven SATA and four PATAs, as well as FDD, which ensures compatibility with corporate systems. All the wires are packed in a black cell, which allows for improved air exchange within. computer hull♪ The power unit is equipped with a 120-mm fan with an automatic reset. The state level of noise is about 18 dB.

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