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Horizontal Computer For Installation

Desktop ый forgotten format

The vast majority of the PKs today gather in different versions of the " Tower " hull (tower) hull, while the formerly horizontally located desktops (desktops) have been overlooked. And this format has many attractive qualities...

Let us begin on the outside of question ного, i.e. by placing the PK system unit in the workplace. The structure of the desktop type allows for the installation on its upper panel of a monitor or other large-scale device (printer, scanner, etc.). As a result, there is significant savings in the working space on the table, without any loss to the functionality of the system. In the case of a " home " hull, the loss of a part of the free space in the workplace is inevitable. Contrary to the widespread misconception, this problem is not only relevant to those who use large-scale ELT-based monitors, but also to the owners of much more compact FH models. Why? Let's figure it out.

With an ELT monitor, it is increasingly or less obvious: 15 or 17-inch, the table has approximately the same area as the desktop system unit. So when the display is installed System unit The space occupied by these devices is reduced by half (Figure 1). In addition, in this case, the monitor ' s centre is located at approximately the user ' s eye level (this location is considered to be optimum).

Рис. 1. Расположение корпуса типа desktop и ЭЛТ-монитора

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