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Large Computer Hull

Organization of air streams

Itx корпус компьютера

The article, " Refrigeration arts, ventilation arts and air streams in the PK Corps " , described the basics for organizing air flows in the PK Corps. Here, I will consider one of the ways in which air flows can be distributed in the modern hull with large inlets and small aerodynamic resistance.

An example of such a building is the Cooler Master Centurion 590 of the article " Collect " Cell computer “Centurion 590”. It has a large area of perforation on the front panel, left and right cover. In this design, the power unit has its own refrigeration configuration. The air flow through the shell is therefore determined by the extractive fans, which are three. One ventilator in the hull on the rear wall and two additional top low-return fans. Their total productivity is about 4,2 m3/min.

Given that the shell has low aerodynamic resistance, the entire air will pass through the perforation of the shell.

How to manage air flows in PC ventilation systems?

There are three ways:

  1. passive,
  2. active,
  3. combined is a combination of active and passive.

Liability of air flows

described in the section " Arrangement of Air Flows in the PK Corps. Passive way." There's a sketch below number 1. According to it, the distribution of air flows in the PC hull, adjusting the area of the gangway sections, increasing or reducing them in the right locations.

As stated in the above article, each of the costs V2, V3, V4, V5 can be determined by the formula:

Vn = Sn/Sum*

If Figure 1 is not understood, it can be presented as closer to those who do computers because it is shown in figure 2. If you provide a model PC hull with multiple input openings as part of the hull shown in the Figure. 1 on the one hand, S2, S3, S4, S5, and on the other side of the Square Extractor, we will have the hull as shown in the Figure. 2.

Pay attention! The BP has a separate contour of ventilation, so it is not considered in this scheme.

Figure 2.

Excuse me for a different symbol:

In the section on " Arrangement of Air Flows in the PK Corps - Passive Mode " , the air flow rate is defined as V and here W.

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