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System Block

How to choose the shell

The right choice of the hull is to ensure that all systems block devices work successfully.
A sufficient number of free spaces for all devices shall be available in the shell and a good vent shall be carried out.
In the purchase of the hull, the buyer usually comes primarily from the design and appearance of its front panel. However, there are more important criteria for choice

♪ Free compartments for additional devices.

When the shell is purchased, it is necessary to ask how many compartments and attachments, such as hard drive or DVD-ROM, are available. Even if additional reminders or other devices within the system unit are not planned in the near future, however, it is not necessary to purchase additional reminders or other devices within the system unit. small hullbecause the possibility of upgrading the computer cannot be completely excluded. It will also be useful to know the location of the power unit within the system unit, as in some models it is located in the immediate vicinity of the maternal fee, which is unacceptable. This will affect the ventilation and cooling of the microprocessor.

System block must have not only a beautiful appearance, but also a suitable location of internal devices!

♪ Conformity of the hull with the size of the maternal fee.

Корпус внутриThere must be sufficient easy access to the insides of the system block, which is impossible to minimize the internal space of some hulls. In such cases, the mother ' s fee covers the whole area of the side wall of the shell. For more comfortable work, the system fee should be slightly shifted to the bottom of the hull, which allows for the easy establishment of the processor and operational memory modules without the removal of the power unit.

♪ Availability of additional units on the front shell.

Some hull models are provided with additional panels on the front shell. It's very convenient, because it allows any USB device to be connected, not to the table. The front panel is normally located between 2 x and more USB units and the outlet and microphone.

See if your mother's fee supports the connection of additional USB devices and how many!

♪ Additional cooling fan inside the body itself.

The use of an additional fan installed inside the system unit can significantly improve. ♪ ♪

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