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Lenovo tiny-in-one: a new view of monoblocks and nets

Hi, Geektimes!

Today, we want to talk a little about our platform Think Centre Tiny-in-One and a few new products for her, which we have just anonymously. Maybe not everyone's heard about the TIO, so we'll explain in two words what's going on.

Watch out! There's a lot of photos under the cat.
The TIO platform is a modular solution designed mainly for corporate users. It consists of a 23-inch monitor (highly adjustable and capable of turning around the vertical axis of the leg) with the resolution of 1920x1080 points equipped with a slot in the hull and a net slot installed in that slot.

The platform has a second slot for the installation of an optical optical transmission. The platform can operate without its net as a normal monitor. That is, we have a universally flexible solution with the possibility of the least-cost autopsy system and with all the virtues of the monoclock.

The computer is mounted on the top, and then one simple movement of a special unit with three interfaces connects to the TIO platform.

Optical transmission is available as an option. By the way, the transmission and the nontop can be closed in their slots using Kensington a lock that might be useful to the customer of the TIO in some cases. The locking hole is located on the optical transmission compartment cover, thus blocking the possibility of opening the transmission and locking the net to the platform.

In addition, the platform can operate without its net as a normal monitor.

On the front face of the TIO, two separate USB 3.0 are located on the right screen.

And there are two other USB 2.0 on the right to the peat. It's convenient to connect the keyboard and the mouse.

The main advantage that the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One platform gives the company is flexibility. It is no secret that the lifetime of the monitor is much longer than any electronic fixture, especially in the case of ordinary office PK. This is one of the main arguments against the use of monoblocks in the corporate segment. TIO ' s platform is a deficiency: the monitor needs to be purchased only once, and then, if necessary, only to replace the nontopus or its internal components. Both the mass and the partial aggregation are much easier to do with modular design. In doing so, the merit of a monoclock is the lack of wires and the economy of the workplace.

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