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Hp started moving the omen brand in the roses (fo and prices)

Стенки корпуса играют роль

HP has announced the availability in Russia of new awards. As CNews told the company, among the devices that appeared in Russian stores, desktop PC Omen X and Omen 17 laptop.

" The Omen by HP scores have been popular for several months among the Rossia Heimers. They have a bright design, high productivity and low cost. However, for the most advanced heimers, that was not enough. Specially for them, we brought Omen X to Russia, now the veterans of the cybersporting front, the baked scars of the fermental tags, can take a truly extreme power by which all virtual rivals will be smashed on the bayta and picsleys, Alexei Poblsky, Consumer PK manager, HP in Russia.

HP Omen X is in the form of a cube. The chassis design is performed at an angle of 45° for the additional ventilation of the system and access to the interior of the PK, including a hot replacement of hard drives without tools.

The thermal control system developed by HP consists of three compartments to separate heating components: graphic processor, hard drives and power unit. In the desktop PC Omen X, up to three 120 millimeter liquid radiators with extractive vents upstairs can be installed, and a device can be located on the counter that provides free access to air in the hull.

The Omen X computer supports up to two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. The dispersed Intel Core i5/i7 6 generation processor, combined with a graphic processor supporting virtual reality technology, and 4 hard drive compartments with a capacity of up to 3 TB each and/or an additional hard 512 GB SSD PCIe, are suitable for resource-intensive games, including VR support.

The Omen Control allows for real-time alteration of any settings, including light-division and brightness. Computer Corps Full compliance with industry standards, which makes it difficult to update components. Instructional access to the interior of the computer, the cable divorce system, the possibility of a hot replacement of hard drives and a set of tools in a secret compartment facilitates modernization.

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