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СравнительныйThis article proposes a comparative test of the six hulls to collect the average price range of SCs. It was decided to just take some of the key decisions of the two producers and compare them by main parameters. The quality and design of the metal chassis and plastic parts, the design of the hypothetical computer ventilation system and the complete computer were considered. food supply♪ Disein was assessed purely subjectively, so the critical estimate left its share of negligible. It's time to sound the brands themselves - it's Delux and microlab today. The stamps are well distributed in our regions, familiar with the different masks and very popular. Low start-up costs are a critical factor. Well, let's pick the best.

СравнительныйSupply Set

Since the Delux hull supply kit (used in this test) is the same, we will only stop it once. All shells are sold in non-broken white boxes, the information given on packages is minimal. There's only a model name. Inside, only the shells themselves, which are packed in polyethylene bags and are marked by two foam holders, can be detected directly. In addition, a network cable and a set of necessary computer-assisted rifles are being used for each production. It's all kinds of stuffed in every hull.

Delux M7611

СравнительныйThe outer hull is quite interesting, with a clear rectification of the automobile issue. Even an untouched person will notice certain similarities with a BMW brand known around the world, primarily through a firm barrel. Two plastic sheets in the form of wheels on side panels are completed.

Plastic has been processed in a qualitative and well-established manner with a metal part. Although it is worth mentioning, for the sake of justice, the existence of small gaps. In general, the appearance of the front panel is pleasant, rounded forms and smooth transitions prevail. The color scheme is good. There are four plastic plugs in the upper part that close the bays 5.25.

One of the plugs is equipped with a comfortable rolling bra. The place for the disk drive is in the form of a standard smile. Main buttons and indicators on a memorable horizontal axis. The pressure is clear with the characteristic blade. A standard set of additional units (two USB-size and two 3.5 mm audio-deal) can be seen below.

Let's go to the metal chassis. The main parts are made of medium metal with a thickness of 0.65 mm. The parts are combined with aluminium caps.

Сравнительный Сравнительный Сравнительный Сравнительный

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