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Inside ferrari: information technology and engineering

800_1The Ferrari launch in Maranello, Italy, is an extremely advanced mixture of recent technologies and centuries-old skills. Every lucky guy who's lucky to get inside (no photos, no video film, no personal laptops) has something to go on. Surgeries and quiet, focused on the capacity of Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari 458 and unique cars from the past. More and brightly refreshed workshops and an aerodynamic pipe in the last word of equipment.

However, Ferrari machines are manufactured by people, and that's all. Each of them is personally responsible for their work. Last fall, we were lucky to visit the Ferrari factory, where we first watched computers, modern technologies in general, and cybersecurity issues affect the world ' s best auto manufacturers. And here's what we saw.

People and computers

IT workers, such as the Casperian Laboratory, look at the world somewhat differently than others. We notice an outdated and unsafe Windows XP on public computers at hotels. We consider mobile devices in a restaurant and pretend how many are connected to the open WiFi access point. We watch technology affect people ' s work and communication, how they find new friends and travel. And, of course, when we went through the Ferrari factory, the first thing we looked for was computers.

At the Ferrari plant, we looked at the computers, but we couldn't see them at once.


I can't see them at all. There are workers, too busy to look at random visitors. Some of them look very simple (in fact nothing like this) and others work a whole day, doing hundreds of complex operations, one by one.

If you're lucky to be the owner of the Ferrari V8, it's likely that the engine was collected by one of these people.

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