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Compact Hull For Pk Atx

Page 1: Test and review: lian li pc-v700

lian-li-pc-v700-1PC-V700 is not the first attempt by Lian Li compact body ATX. The Taiwan manufacturer has already produced a very successful PC-A05 model, which was later updated by PC-A05N and PC-A05FN. Thanks to the fact that the feeding unit was carried right behind the front panel of the shell, the altitude was seriously reduced. Indeed, with a height of 381 mm, the PC-A05N hull was significantly lower than the typical medium tower, for example, 442 mm in Fractal Design Define R3.

PC-V700 uses the same trick as PC-A05. I mean, the power cell is also located behind the front panel, which reduced the shell to 400 mm. However, the new compact corps aims at a completely different audience. If the current PC-A05FN can be found at the price of 80 euros in Europe or 3,800 roubles in Russia, which is quite acceptable to the mass market, then PC-V700 will have to decompose much more. In Russia, the hull has not yet appeared, but in Europe PC-V700 can already be bought at a price of Euro200, which means the hull is not cheap. In the delivery kit, you'll get four predetermined fans, and four hard drives out of six support a "crazy replacement." And if you look around, you can see a number of different things. On the intake/driving panel, you will also receive the port of eSATA, 5, 25, and the compartment is closed by doors that are aligned with the shell style, the side panels are very delicate. In addition, design with rounded forms has generally been more thorough and detailed than the simple PC-A05 models.

The supply of the hull includes a transponder to connect the front USB-ports to the normal USB 2.0, a dynamics and several packets with mounting accessories. Unfortunately, most of the packages, as we're used to in the case of Li Lian, are not sealed again. There are also numerous rubbers of two sizes. They're insulated not only 3, 5, but also 2, 5 hard drives.

Before we begin the tests, let me give the basic specifications in the table:

Main specifications: Lian Li PC-V700
Manufacturer and model:Lian Li PC-V700
Diarrhoids:210 (S) x 400 (B) x 496 mm (G)
Form de facto:ATX, mATX
Instructions:1x 5, 25" (external), 4x 3, 5" (internal, with "creaming"), 2x 2, 5"
Ventilation:1x 140 mm (front), 1x 120 mm (end), 2x 120 mm (upper panel)
Wes:about 5, 9 kg

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