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Computer Spray How To Choose

How do you choose a computer hull?

altIt's not been a long time since the computer hulls were bought on a residual basis. In other words, the cheapest piece was purchased, the amount that remained after the purchase of the rest. Something simple and cheap. This was not entirely correct, because the shell is the part of the computer that is being subjected to a ramp substantially less than the rest of the elements. This approach was due, in part, to a small range of products in stores. The situation has now changed, and the choice of computer hulls has become much wider. Most users have begun to approach this part of the computer system more responsibly.

Defining core functions computer hull:

♪ It's a carcas that all the kits are attached to.
♪ Refrigerates all components of the system.
♪ It creates an aesthetic and beautiful appearance of assembly.
♪ Simple and rapid access to all components, if necessary, for repair and modernization.
♪ It prevents dust from entering the system, it's making noise.
It appears that the purchase of the cheapest system block is not always justified. Since such products are not of a quality and cannot always perform all the necessary functions. Let's look at the characteristics that need to be chosen by the body.
Form is the factor of maternal fees
Depending on this indicator, whether the mother ' s fee will be placed in the shell. To date, there are several standards:
• ATX is the most common standard to date, 305 mm by 244 mm.
• MicroATX is a 244 mm larger version of a 244 mm system.
• MiniITX is a new standard for the construction of minimum space systems.

There are other levels of maternity fees, but they are very rarely used to create domestic computers.
According to these standards, there are different dimensions of the shell. Tower type blocks or Russian towers are the most common. It's a vertical hull installed in the computer table or its tablet, possibly on the floor.

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