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Hifiman edition s: drip test 2 in 1

Боковая панель с логотипом и есть та самая съёмная заглушка, убрав которую, можно получить открытое акустическое оформление.The beetle is easily regulated, well remembers the parameters set and does not lead to the topic. The test drive was conducted by a man with a very small head, but in case of landing, they also checked on a bigger half of humanity. It's the same impression: Edition S sits soft, gently, caring. In fact, the ambushur angle, which is under the ear's ear, makes you unobsessive massage that doesn't bother at work or walk. Now we can talk about the sound.

Closed and closed Open body - in some headphones.

Несмотря на размер чаш, Edition S довольно компактные — их можно без усилия полностью спрятать под дужкой.The main feature of Edition S is the possibility of turning headphones from open to closed and back. Plastic lids on the outside are held on magnets, they can be removed by one thumb movement and can also be easily worn. So you're becoming a happy holder of two headphones in one. What's the difference? Acoustic.

  • The logothipop lounge and there's that darkest plug that can be removed by an open acoustic process.

Dynamic headphones work on the fact that the diffuse propelled by the variable current in the magnetic field gives sound waves.Под съёмной крышкой — проницаемая для звука решётка. They spread to the ear and the opposite. In order not to make extraneous noises in the ear, the whole system is made into an intact hull. Then the sound waves that diffuse from the ear need to be recycled. Sometimes they are caught and rotated at 180° with a fazo invertor, which makes it possible to refine the sound, especially the bass. There's a noise-pressure system in the closed hull, and then, aside from music, you won't hear anything at all, even if you're standing next to a turbine plane. If the body of the acoustic system passes a sound directed backwards, then the music remains exactly the way the diffusor created it.

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