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Apple mac pro computer hull (7 photo + video)

Компьютерный корпус в стиле Apple Mac Pro (7 фото + видео)Dune Case - original cylindrical computer hull, an external reminder of the design of the Apple Mac Pro occupational stations. In the best traditions, the novel is made of aluminium and is available in black and gold. The shell shall be cooled from the lower part of the airborne and 140 mm of the air ventilator to blow the air from the top. The cooling CPU fan shall not exceed 60 mm. The product allows for the establishment of a mother ' s fee for type-produced mini-ITX (170x170 mm), a video card with a maximum length of 185 mm, up to two SSD- or HDD-disks, a SFX feeding unit and, of course, operational memory. There are 4 USB 3.0ports on the shell, headphone and microphone nests, one Ethernet and two HDMI 1.4 interfaces. The range is 260x215 mm, the weight is 2.6 kg.
In order to establish a serial production of Dune Case, American engineer Alexander Gomes organized a fund-raising company on Kickstarter. The project needs an investment of $130,000, and the cost of the building itself starts at $129.

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