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Silverstone milo ml03 is the capacity building for htpc

Today we have the successors of SilverStone Grandia GD05, Milo ML03, combining the predecessor ' s functionality with even smaller sizes. Whether the newcomer is free of temperature problems and how good it is, read this review.

Exterior view. Complexation

The use of the computer as a key element of the home cinema is indeed justified, and the level of development of modern PK allows for a wide range of multimedia tasks. Such systems are classified as HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer is a personal computer for the home cinema), one of whose features is the use of compact shells. Typically, to optimize the location, such shells are designed under small components: reduced power units, 2, 5-inch hard drives and low-proof fans. The Corps, which will be discussed today, allows a media centre to be assembled without such serious restrictions on the jelosis. This review is devoted to SilverStone Milo ML03.

Our hero is being delivered in a non-smart card box. There will be no problem with its transportation, the gross mass is only about 3, 5 kg.

In the kit, we found the following:

  • Documentation for the shell and the power unit;
  • Necessary system fixture;
  • Cable for the power unit;
  • Various wires;
  • Anti-absorption linings for the rigid disc;
  • Dust filter;
  • Switch to connect USB ports 3.0 to USB 2.0 ports.

The complexation deserves to be assessed " excellent " , and there is everything that might be necessary for the collection of the system.

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