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The types of hulls are:

CDIP-40 Processor in PDIP-40

DIP (Dual Inline Package) - Corps with two sets of contacts. Provides a rectangular hull with long-range contacts. Depending on the body ' s material, two execution options are identified:

  • PDIP (Plastic DIP) - has plastic hull;
  • CDIP (Ceramic DIP) - has a ceramic hull;

Some processors in DIP:

  • - 16-contact CDIP.


Basic article: Processor in TQFP-304

QFP (Quad Flat Package) is a flat hull with four rows of contact. Represents a rectangular hull with contact on the edges. Depending on the body ' s material, two execution options are identified:

  • PQFP (Plastic QFP) - has plastic hull;
  • CQFP (Ceramic QFP) - has a ceramic hull;

There are also other options: TQFP (Thin QFP) with low shell height, LQFP (Low-profile QFP) and many others.

Some processors in QFP:

  • - 64-contact PQFP.
  • Am188ES - 100-contact TQFP.
  • NG80386SX - 100-contact PQFP.
  • Cx486SLC - 100-contact CQFP.
  • - 304-contact TQFP.


PLCC-68 processor

PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) and CLCC (Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier) are square hulls with nearby contacts intended to be placed in a special panel (often referred to as " shelter " ). The microschems of the PLCC fluids used as BIOS microschems on system charges are now widely distributed.

Some PLCC processors:

  • - 68-contact PLCC.
  • N80C186 - 68-contact PLCC.
  • CS80C286 - 68-contact PLCC.
  • N80286 - 68-contact PLCC.

The LCC abbreviation is used to refer to Leadless Chip Carrier, so in order to avoid confusion, the PLCC and CLCC abbreviations must be referred to in full, without abbreviations.


LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) is a low-profile square ceramic hull with its lower part of contact intended for superficial installation.

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