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12 options for upgrading sq are less than $300.

JON L. JACOBI. 12 PC UPGRADES FOR UNDER $300. PCWorld, April 2014.

Is it time for modernization?

Perhaps your old desktop computer no longer meets the requirements of modern and high-resolution multimedia programmes. Or someone in your family has a PC that needs updating. If you have a need for modernization, you should use one of the options proposed here by choosing a suitable budget.

The upper limit of the cost of renewal was agreed to be set at $300 solely for the most costly items on the list. Most new devices will cost a lot less. So our list includes 12 favourites, which are in order to reduce the impact of modernization.

12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл.1. Solid storage device

The first number on the list of our recommendations is a solid reservoir. Why? None of the other components produces a marked increase in productivity as a SSD rapid device. The benefits of its acquisition are almost as great as the purchase of a new PC.

About a year ago, the leading models cost about $1 per Gbite. This year, prices dropped to 80 cents per 1 Gbite, and some can find options and cheaper. It's just amazing how you've still been through these devices.

12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл.Most reservoirs have increased capacity, accompanied by increased productivity. Explains this large number of microschems and channels. If your system fee doesn't have an SATA disconnect with a 6GB/s capacity, and all decent SSD devices belong to this type, buy yourself a good SATA counterpart with the PCIe 2X interface and a 6 Gbit/s productivity, and you will immediately feel the difference.

Toshiba Q Series Pro 256GB is almost as fast as Samsung 840 Pro. On the internet store, Toshiba's reservoir of 256 Gbite, we only managed to find $200.12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл. It's the only model we've tested that doesn't have productivity falling down with reduced capacity. In practice, the 128 Gbite version worked faster than the 256 Gbite machine.

2. Rapid processor

The processor, which once met the most modern requirements, may not be a good day. And if the installation of a solid reservoir cannot fully meet your speed requirements, it may be worth adding to it a new processor. The selection of the processor depends on the system fee. If it has a Socket 1155, it is best to give preference to Intel Core i7-3770K, which is slightly lower than the $300 ceiling. It supports the disintegration, which allows for even higher productivity.

12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл. 12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл. 12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл. 12 вариантов модернизации ПК дешевле 300 долл.

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