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Which Body Would Be Better For The Computer

The hull depends primarily on indicators such as the temperature of the computer, its noise characteristics. The structure of the shell shall include a good ventilation of the inner space. Depending on the designation of the PC, the hull shall be equipped with a certain number of fans.

For example, one or two fans are often sufficient for the office company. It's definitely not enough for a big game car. Modern gaming hulls are equipped, in addition to front and rear fans, as well as lateral and upper lid.

Acoustic characteristics of the shell

The acoustic characteristics of the shell are also important. The noise hull is a source of discomfort. It's clear that a good suffocation, provided by a large number of fans, and silence, is difficult to reconcile. But compromises are possible.

When selecting the hull, it must be remembered that ventilators with a large wing diameter can achieve greater efficiency with fewer decibels, and therefore give priority to shells with fans with sufficient diameters. Moreover, it is very good for the body to have a full-time multi-channel reobase (return regulator). The existence of such a device would help to obtain the optimum noise/temperature ratio.

Ventilation filters

The presence of anti-pump filters on vents is also important. Computers are known to be good dust collectors, and the presence of large quantities of dust inside the hull hinders the normal operation of the PC. Therefore, the prevention of pollination will be very good.

Position of the power unit

When choosing the hull, look carefully at its design and, in particular, at the location of the power unit. The classic layout refers to the position of the BP in the upper body. It's more suitable for small machines. If you collect a productive PC, you'd better choose a hull with the lower power unit.

Number of compartments and external units

In addition, draw attention to the number of compartments for different devices - hard drives, optical drives, card-riders. It's also important to have the outer spaces you need. Not all the corpses are equipped with the right front lines, say USB3, and this needs to be taken into account.

For Play computer The maximum length of the video map installed may be an important characteristic. In view of the fact that the graphic accelerators of recent generations tend to increase not only the power but also the geometric dimensions, this parameter becomes more relevant.

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