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Choose A Building For A Game Computer

How to cool the game computer: select the cooling system

как выбрать кулер для компьютераSummer, the heat is a time when there's no way to escape the fallen sun. But if we don't forget about ourselves, we often don't pay attention to our war machines. And after such negligence, there are questions, " I have a great game card, my last generation proxy and the fashion corps - why is the blue death screen flying again? " It's all very simple. Your comp overheated and died. Will he come down again? It's not a fact.

What's the risk of overheating the computer?

In addition to a visual component of an untraceable level or a slit batch in a game, it can lead to the physical death of a computer. In fact, any module or even the whole connection may be affected. In terms of physics and electronics, reversible and irreversible processes occur.

Unimaginable is chemical when long or momental, but very severe overheating occurs with internal molecules, and the same video card can be thrown out. The reversible, as practice shows, are very rare. When the doors broke on the payroll and the scissors of the processor were down, you can cure it, but not always real.

как выбрать систему охлаждения?Even if you bought a steamer, and there were radiators on the base elements, you should still think about buying additional cooling equipment. Those radiators that are already in the processors are not designed for extreme heating points, for example, top games on super-stations.

Types of cooling systems: active air (clover) and passive water

There are two main types of cooling systems: active and passive. Both have their advantages and minus, which we will consider in detail below. But I can give my own experience advice immediately: if there is no plan to use it water cooling In order to create a silent aggregation, combine both systems.как выбрать водяное охлаждение Permanent air supply through active ventilating systems and subsequent cooling of water is much better than the use of each of these systems alone.

How do you choose active air cooling?

It's a dealer. It's the most popular and simple link from the radiator and the fan. For maximum profiling, it is required to be used on every freckle: on the processor, video, hard drive, and 2-3 on the hull. The whole point of work and technology are very simple: as much air as possible can be transferred to the system block as soon as possible. From a normal life, it's a fan. He's not really cooling the air. The bigger the dealer and the higher the speed of his scapegoat (RPM), the better the cooling.

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