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For many users of computer equipment, the hull is just a box with a power cell that will contain the main computer components. That is why, by selecting a " start " for a new computer, many buyers prefer to buy a low-value computer hull for economies. This approach is erroneous in the first place, because the computer hull depends not only on the reliability of your system unit, but also on the comfort of work.
The fact is that a non-quality power supply can cause problems with a sufficiently high load or a surge in tension is different (at best, reboot and envy).
With regard to comfort, it should be borne in mind that computer casings may have a low quality of assembly, which would lead to the vibration of the shell and therefore to noise caused by the work of fans, hard drives or optical drives. Of course. quality computer casings without this flaw, their design is more intense.
Thinking about how to buy a computer hull in Minsk or another city in Belarus, don't forget the energy use of the selected configuration, it must be in line with the power unit.

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