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Large Water Cooling Computer

Компьютеры с водяным охлаждением
Meijin water cooling computers are an innovative solution based on the use of modern technologies. The work of the best of our specialists has come at hand, and it can be bold to say that Meijin is the most powerful computer that can handle practically any task, from reproducing the most demanding games in 3D to supporting complex work programmes.

25 hours in five minutes!

Video where the water cooling system is almost zero! Creation of a contour network, installation of blocks, radiators, refrigerant injection, final launch, in this video you will find all the main stages of the water cooling system. One of the most powerful computers is being created in just a few minutes.

When quantity is a quality assurance

The graphics are presented immediately by the three most productive videotapes NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X.Резервуар с хладагентом установлен в компьютерах с водяным охлаждением Comparing this option to computers with only one map, it will be found that the speed difference is 2, 6-2, 7 times. Productivity is 6 times higher than last generation maps.
The water cooling of maps does not simply help maintain the optimum temperature, but also significantly reduces the overall noise level. The most demanding games will go on Meijin's computer without any brakes.

Three times faster, twice as reliable

The game computer is loaded with SSD. This decision significantly increased the downloading speed of PPs and increased the speed of access to system files. For the storage of different content, whether musical, video files, images, games, etc., the RAID 1 set of SSD and hard drive on 3 TB will be perfect.

Компьютеры с водяным охлаждением на базе NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X 3-Way SLI Компьютер Meijin с аэрографией Ice and Fire Игровые тесты компьютера с водяным охлаждением Шумовые характеристики

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