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Plywood Computer

The question is in the guest room.

за 15 лет первый раз такое. но

So if you're looking for a small computer, you need to pick up his nodes that don't have fans.

  • It's a system fee (mama) where there are no fans (chipset, diet inverters).
  • Video machine without fan (some fans cooling videocartas make more noise than processor fans).
  • A passive dealer processor.

But such PK knots are usually not designed for high productivity, and how a game computer like that cannot be used to work with large graphic files in dynamics (including videos). His Opis, Fotoalb.

Try to lower your noise, make up for the limitations of computer capabilities.

It is possible to reduce noise within reasonable limits, but it also imposes certain restrictions on the set and the tasks to be performed.

Coulers are "one is suction air, and the other is suction..."

Or if it's very simple, we need to consider the design as simple as possible.

You want to. shell Two fans.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

As a result, with the co-location of two identical fans shown in Figure 1, the air flow through Box is equal to the flow of one fan

W1 = W2 = W

Pressure (pressure) equal to pressure

P1 + P2 = P

Rhys. 2 differs from Figure 1, with other equivalent characteristics, not from the saline position of the fans.

This enables air flow to the area where heat-proofing nodes 1 and 2 are located. The poor ventilated areas in the hull have been slightly reduced by a longer air flow path, which also causes increased aerodynamic resistance and reduces air flow. Look at the expendables of the fans.

Characteristics of such a system W1 = W2 and is the air flow through the hull which determines the power to be transferred.

For heater flow, air through ventilated volume is equivalent to:

I mean, by placing this assembly on one of their hull openings, You'll still ensure the flow rate and the matching pattern shown in the rice. 1.

But in this case, the second opening can be distributed in the hull areas where the nodes need cooling. The total area of the second opening shall be greater than that of the ventilation.

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