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How To Make An Improvised Computer Hull

3-year long path to silence ( clear66 shell)

A long time ago, I think after another pgreed, my system block turned into a revolting monster. Having been with him a little in the same room, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't make that noise long. It was not possible to hope that computer producers would start making noiseless products. It was therefore necessary to take appropriate measures in response to the increase in the heating of certain parts of the computer. Having analysed the situation and filled the knowledge from various sources, it has been found that only water cooling can produce acceptable productivity at low noise levels.

Before that, I had a little bit of fun. Only serial shells have been upgraded. At first, I had a myditauer, then a big, but water cooling places and all those impurities I wanted to add to the system block to make the computer more fun and brighter were still missing. One day, I'm tired of getting close, and I decided to make a big deal. improvised unit♪ But I couldn't pick the body material and couldn't figure out the design. It was an accident. I went to the furniture store sometime, and I saw a video cassette on it. I looked around and I got it. Found this shelf and started doing the first shell on it.

A master line was first established. The main criterion is the comfort of operation, the maintenance, the rapid replacement of kits. The PC should combine noise with high efficiency cooling. Maximum range + silence. Fully serving as a home cinema, a music center, no beating. Being mobile within the apartment. To have an original and memorable appearance. In my computer, I'm constantly working on something, finishing up, changing... The perfect, from my point of view, the hull must allow it to be painless. The first experience in this area has come to Pillar. What happened is look at the pictures.

The body material, the charcoal stove, good that the vibration is good. Taking over the shelf, I replaced the rear wall, cut the electrolysis holes in the right places. The shell fixed through the bars to the platform on the wheels. It's covered by a door shell from the glass. Summary bottom-up hull: Buck with load impulse (capacity 2000 l/h), water counter, copper radiator from a/m WAZ-2106, towed by two 92mm fans.

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