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Небольшой самодельный корпус с водяным охлаждением

Compact water cooling unit with its hands


Basically, the main idea was to calm the P4 Prescott 2.8 MHz 800MGz (Stage D0), the dealer who originally stood there was clearly not in the summer heat, but to put something more productive simply did not. The task was also to reduce the height of the hull at the BP forward.

P.S., at the time of writing, the computer platform had to be replaced, a matt burned, so the photo and further description of the other platform.


To realize my idea, I chose a processor water refrigeration scheme, because the radiator is not tied to the location of the processor itself and can be located in a more convenient location, thereby freeing the internal computer space. The computer configuration remained the same, the bottom of the hull is the micro ATX mother ' s fee and the remaining computer components are located on it.

The base of the shell is collected from aluminium corners, and it serves to secure the computer, PC, disk guide, HDD. ♪ ♪

After the installation of the mother's fee and the video card, I've had a major redesign.

The BP fee has been removed from the home hull and is secured from the anchorage collected from the corners, and the water lipstick and the POWER button, RESET, is also secured. A massive aluminium radiator is attached to the standard exit radiators, which improves the heat discharge and is attached to the 80mm. Claire.

In fact, this is the third version of the BP layout, the refrigerating TSBs and the cooling turbine were still tested.

I'll show you the photos that anyone might need, if questions arise in the relevant branch of the forum.

Now it's about the PTS itself, assembled on the standard sets from Thermaltake.

Initially, another improvised radiator was added, and the contours on the BP, but the diagram was quite cumbersome, and I gave up on it, especially since modern processors produced by new technologies were not as hot as before and one standard radiator was quite sufficient.

Небольшой самодельный корпус с водяным охлаждением Небольшой самодельный корпус с водяным охлаждением Небольшой самодельный корпус с водяным охлаждением Небольшой самодельный корпус с водяным охлаждением

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