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Choose a small hull for pc: 2016 winter

450x446 59 KB

One additional building from a south Korean producer, Zalman R1, which is, to some extent, a successor to the Z3.

This body has a unique characteristic of its kind, the ratio of its positioning to small noise body and its cost. The thing is, any small body, whatever it is, never has a low price. Even the cheapest competitors cost about $70-90. Zalman R1 is only estimated at $45.

Well, don't wait for Zalman R1 a miracle. The body is in the budgeted lower, which means that the product has been reduced to some extent.

Zalman R1 has no noise-insulation material on side panels, but it is on the front door. The upper panel is also closed by a plastic lid, which can be removed if necessary. The side panels are completely closed, no ventilation openings. This may also include the presence of a recess in the body, which allows the fans to be given two speeds or to shut them off.

Zalman R1 has fans capable of starting at very low voltage - about 3 V. And in a mode with minimal turnover, the vent speed is ~400 o/min, which makes the hull almost fumble. All this points to the positioning of Zalman R1 as a small hull with a very stylish classic design, with a value of $145 American dollars.

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