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Surveillance Hull For The Underground Computer

Modding for all

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What's fashioning?[managed]

The notion of " modding " comes from the English verb, " modifying " , " redefining " . There are many modding definitions which, in our view, are the most successful:

Modding is a change in the appearance of technical devices to produce artistic effects.

It would be incorrect to think that modding is the same as tuning, not about the car, but about the computer. In fact, it's just that cars are more likely to be tuning and computers to be fashioned. But both the car and the computer and any other technical device (even the refrigerator) may be subject to both tuning and modding. If the transfer results in a change in the technical characteristics of the object, it's a tuning, if the appearance is a modding. Sometimes the front of the object includes elements of both tuning and modding.

It should be emphasized that modding, like any other type of technical creation, is at the juncture of technology and art, multiplying their possibilities. This fact opens up an extremely broad opportunity for the author of the fashion (also known as the fashion product).

Despite the fact that this Vickiqniga focuses mainly on the computer module and peripheral devices, it does not include materials on the modding of any other equipment.

In the computing module, the main operations are: painting and imaging, openings, lighting, refrigeration of cooling devices, installation of HC-indicators, replacement of the hull. Sometimes something else is done.

Necessary tools and consumables[managed]

It should be noted that the modding tool kit varies according to the facility (computer, mobile phone, television, refrigerator, table, etc.)

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