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Two-Block Computer Unit

Two power units in one hull

I've been using this method of merging two power units in one system unit for a long time. Although the topic had already been raised on different resources, it was still desirable to make a broader review of the methodology. Now, this article is about the inclusion of two sides of the diet in it. Computer Building

Frequently, when the power of the power unit is not enough, it does not pull all the gadgets and devices, pumping into all the free layers of the system unit - ventilators escalators, water refrigeration impulses, additional lighting, non-on lamps, styl panels on the front panels cause a shortage of power of the power unit. The lack of power of PCs is the cause of the most unexpected glitches: switching off the computer, untouched jealousy, inability to establish LOs or play a new toy. The exit is the purchase of a new stronger power unit.Два блока питания в одном корпусе But maybe you shouldn't just throw the money out on a cheap device, but you're gonna dig in the back of looking for an old power unit? An old power unit and a little snoring will save money. But let's get this straight.

To begin with, it must be understood that the power of the pitnaium unit is such. Each power unit has a power. It's the declared power that this BP pulls.Два блока питания в одном корпусе The essence of the case is that the power is a composite concept, i.e. the power is derived from the capacity generated on each voltage channel +12V, +5V, +3.3V, +5VSB, -12V, -5V. The typical power distribution for a 250-vatt system is shown below.

The main purpose of the power unit is to convert the AC voltage 220V from the power grid to the constant voltages specified above. This is necessary because different devices in the system unit operate from different voltages: for example, operational memory feeds 3 volts, Winchesters and drives between 5Bs and 12Bs, different modules are usually filled with 12Bs. In general, we have the most popular power channel at 12B. Based on the above table of capacity distribution, we see that the power generated by +12V of approximately 120W. Now, 120 watts are low in the end, there is a shortage of power and a wide variety of disruptions in the work of the PK, initially seemingly unrelated to the work of the BP. So the problem solves a new power unit, a higher power... or an old APC feeding unit, even 200-vatt. The first option isn't good for us, and for the second, we need a second round of food, gags and hands.

Два блока питания в одном корпусе Два блока питания в одном корпусе Два блока питания в одном корпусе

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