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Corsair carbide 400c

Corsair Carbide 400CPackage.

Corsair Carbide 400C, like most such devices, is placed in a large cardboard box, which, for transport convenience, has a pair of hands on the side.

On one side, the hull has been painted in a sample form, so that it can be clearly ascertained which details are swap and which are not.

Here, you can see a sign of technical characteristics that we have placed a little higher for reading.

Inside the boxes, the hull is secured by two foam boxes that protect it from damage.
Corsair Carbide 400C Among the accessories on the kit, a collection/operability instruction and a set of bolts and rifles can be found.

Exterior view.

So, let's meet Corsair Carbide 400C, a compact, but complementary, strong man. The hull's dysine is strictly performed, so you won't find the gridded bars on the front panel or jabr, just straight lines and perpendicular planes. And it's safe to say that such a minimalytic design looks really cool! This Corsair Carbide 400C is said to be " out of the crowd " .

The black panel, the only thing you can find on it is a small company logo, in the bottom left corner. The front panel is done with two materials, a plastic base, and the upper, facial part, metal.

The right side panel is secured by a couple of screws that can be easily removed.

On the left side, it's more interesting. This panel is done in the form of doors that can not be filmed, but put aside. In addition, it is almost entirely transparent, transparently completed from a seconded acryl.

Petley's securely holding the door, and if the shell's on the flat surface, it won't shut up, it'll stay in the position you opened it. It seems that this fact may be considered petty, but it further underlines the quality of the assembly, all the shell panes are perfectly fit to each other, otherwise the door would be locked from any position.

They're tied to three rifles.

In the closed position, the door shall be fixed by a special clip on the handle and several magnets placed in the upper and lower parts of the panel.

Corsair Carbide 400C Corsair Carbide 400C Corsair Carbide 400C Corsair Carbide 400C

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