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Thanks for Your Interest In
the Disabilities SiteRing

If you got here by a link from another site, and haven't Joined yet;

Here are the steps you need to take to join the ring.
  1. Copy and Paste the HTML code for the SiteRing Panel below.(Do not alter the panel structure!)
    [ target="_top" is required; Do not change or remove!]
  2. Copy the image below and upload to your site.
    If you are found to be linking to our graphic, your site will be removed from the Ring.
  3. Edit the Panel Code in several areas (there are seven(7) areas where the code has to be changed):
    • Where you see siteid= SiteID (5 places) - replace SiteID with your SiteID number.
      (it was e-mailed to you when you first signed up)
    • Where you see your-e-mail-address-here - replace with your e-mail address.
    • Where you see your-name-here - replace with your name.
    • Where you see usernum=82510230 — do not change that.
    • Make sure the link to the image is correct to pull the image from your site.
  4. Save the changes to your site.
  5. Send me   e-mail   when your site is ready for approval.
  6. You will not see your site in the ring until you have been approved.
    You will be notified by e-mail once you are approved.
  7. If you have troubles, e-mail me
     at  ringmaster@d-r-d.com .

This is what the Panel should look like on your site:

Disabilities SiteRing Logo Add Your Site
Next Site
Previous Site
Random Site
List All Sites
This site owned by:
Disability Resource Directory
SiteRing by Bravenet.com

Please save the following image and upload it to your site:

Disabilities SiteRing Logo

This is the code you will Copy & Paste on your site:

<!-- Start Disabilities SiteRing Panel Code -->
<TABLE border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#FFFF99" summary="Disabilities SiteRing">
<TD><IMG SRC="dsr.gif" WIDTH="176" HEIGHT="32" ALT="Disabilities SiteRing Logo" BORDER="0"></TD>
<TD align="center"><font face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="2">
<A href="http://pub1.bravenet.com/sitering/nav.php?usernum=82510230&action=join&siteid=SiteID" TARGET="_top">
<Strong>Add Your Site</Strong></A></FONT></td></TR><br>

<TD bgcolor="ffffff"> <font face="arial" color="#ffffff" size="2">
<A href="http://pub1.bravenet.com/sitering/nav.php?usernum=82510230&action=next&siteid=SiteID" TARGET="_top">Next Site</A><br>
<A href="http://pub1.bravenet.com/sitering/nav.php?usernum=82510230&action=prev&siteid=SiteID" TARGET="_top">Previous Site</A><br>
<A href="http://pub1.bravenet.com/sitering/nav.php?usernum=82510230&action=random&siteid=SiteID" TARGET="_top">Random Site</A><br>
<A href="http://pub1.bravenet.com/sitering/nav.php?usernum=82510230&action=list&siteid=SiteID" TARGET="_top">List All Sites</A></font></TD>
<TD align="center"><Font Face="verdana,arial,helvetica" size="2">This site owned by:<br>
<A href="mailto: your-e-mail-address-here">your-name-here</A>
<FONT size="1"><A href="http://www.bravenet.com/">SiteRing by Bravenet.com</A></FONT>
<!-- End Disabilities SiteRing Panel Code -->

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